Friday, August 24, 2012

Technology's Promise

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The Danish team announced the attainment of a 500 mile EV. I have previously decided my threshold was 400 miles which is nearly achieved with the Chevy Volt. 500 miles would crush my threshold and I think I would then be in the market for a new car when they arrive in the US. As eluded to in the article, I do believe the hockey stick would present itself if this occurs. This brings me to my final point. Much like we see with computers today, people have all but stopped buying laptops; HP announced a third quarter loss of nearly $9B. The primary disruptor was the Apple iPad. I am going to predict a similar disruption in the auto industry as these capabilities evolve. Watch out Japan, here come the Danes

Danish Team Announces a 500-mile EV

Fuel cells for range extension, modular design and a lightweight car could make the dream a reality

Range-envy. It’s a huge psychological factor that any company marketing an electric vehicle (EV) has to overcome. Sure the technology will get there eventually, but when? The answer is likely to determine when and if we’ll see the ‘hockey-stick curve’ in EV adoption.

A Danish team (
Serenergy, Insero E-Mobility and ECOmove) is closer to answering that question with their new Modular Energy Carrier concept (MECc). Using 2.5kW Serenergy bio-methanol fuel cell as an energy carrier, the team says their technology can extend the range of an EV up to 500 miles (By comparison, a Nissan’s EV, the Leaf, gets 138 miles per charge and the Chevy Volt hybrid gets 375.) What’s more, it can do so, Insero says, on a 3-minute refueling stop and with a more stable State-of-Charge that will extend the life of the EV’s battery.
The team hopes that using a liquid form of energy storage will speed adoption, since current distribution technology and infrastructure is tooled toward liquid energy. The MECc is expected to debut next year in the QBEAK from ECOmove (pictured above). Fore more info like this, see our
Electric Car and Power Storage

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